comm:unications Charta 2015 


People always take centre-stage at comm:unications! No matter who we are dealing with: mutual tolerance, fair and respectful interaction with others and professional probity are part of our philosophy. 


We are a great team, with every member being important, unique and ready to give their best. We want everyone to benefit from our actions: our clients, the agency and its employees as well as our environment. We act consciously, responsibly and mindful of efficiency and sustainability.


We strive for excellence and join forces with the best. Only the best in business are part of our Best Communications Network.


Our power lies in our professionalism, flexibility and our network.


We are experts in our respective fields – whether in consulting, PR, events, admin or project management.  


We know what we are doing and we impress by what we do!


Knowledge is power: We continuously expand our knowledge. Reading, professional exchange, industry get-togethers, further education and inter/national networks are our key to success.


We share our expertise and provide new ideas and contacts.


Our job is our passion!

We write texts that tell exciting stories, entertain with unique events and create concepts that make a difference.


We continue working on this without compromise – out goal is our client’s long-term satisfaction!


Let’s put your message in a nutshell!